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Into the Arcane

+Beyond our Ruins+Treurwilg
vrijdag 1 december

Into the Arcane hails from The Netherlands and was formed in January 2016. The EP/Mcd “Het Verlangen der Geest”,released on June 23 2017, is their debut. The lyrics concern the darker corners of the mind and arcane historic tales. The band is currently promoting the EP and working on a full length album, to be released in 2017/2018.

Line up:
Erik Noten (vocals)
Jeroen van Riet (guitars)
Harald Bouten (drums)
Tijl Jacobs (bass)


Atmospheric Doom Rock


From the depressive depths of Tilburg comes Treurwilg. A massive two-guitar attack of sadness, with haunting soundscapes and rumbling vocals, destined to drag even the happiest soul down to hell. Treurwilg is here to remind you that the world is not a happy place. For fans of Amenra, Ahab, Swallow The Sun, and (early) Katatonia

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